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Thank you so much for coming to Santiam today!! You are amazing, and so is your talent. We were all blessed by you today. You are truly inspiring.
Just discovered you via Kickstarter. I'm really enjoying your music here, so I've decided to back your project over there. Good luck in meeting your goal! Gotta get more Oregon talent out there! I'm bummed I missed your Eugene concert! Hoping to make Corvallis.
Come to Utah! Salt Lake, or Provo would be even better! :)
met your dad today. impressed with your talent! Dave K
Your singing makes my knees weak.
Debra! Please do more shows! I can't come to your next P-town show, but I am waiting...been waiting to see you again! Can't wait to hear what you've been writing lately!! -Shelley
I love you music and i'm so happy for how far you have gotten. You came to our school Big Bend Community College, and I just really enjoy your stuff. Keep it up!!
Debra, There's been no news from you for sooooo long. Although I never tire of listening to Tomorrow Another Day (listening to it now) I really miss hearing you live. Are you going to be coming out soon?
I really enjoy your music. I listen to it in my car and at home. I've even installed in on my Iphone. People are always asking me who that is singing and I tell them where to find your music. I hope you'll one day be able to tour and visit South Florida, I'll be at the front of the line !
Hi~ I love your music - and I recently heard your song "Let it go" on a Korean commercial for the Arnaldo Bassini brand.
I love you Debra Arlyn :)
I heard this beautiful, striking but elegant voice on Stumble Audio today, it was that of Debra Arlyn -- I can't believe you haven't been heard more on the national scene, you are a true talent in the making. Sing and I'll listen. Best wishes and regards for wherever your dreams and talents take you. Come visit Madison, Wisconsin!
New Favorite Song is my new favorite song! I just discovered you on Facebook and wish I had known about you sooner. I love your music and wish you great success!
Debra! You're EP concert at Jimmy Mak's was great! I'm so glad I was able to come with friends--they are now fans too! Your EP brings a new side to your talents. Thanks for sharing your gift!
Sending a fleur de lis to Your feet. U r sensitive, mega caring, fiery emotions full of pain/joy, gratitude, and Courage to never stop...hmmmm suspicious signs of a Fiery Angel. Any more insights from You and I might wake up eternal gratitude to You.
Hi! Just say you on PDXPOSED You have an awesome voice. I look forward to listening to your cd. Best of luck to you in your music career.
I'm really bummed that I don't get to see you again this year. Let me know what I need to do to get you here to Medford? Venue names, I have D.J. and Radio friends, I'll pass out flyers!! What ever I need to get you and your band to play in Medford!!
Hola! Im new to your tunes while falling in love for the first time with the man of my dreams...your music is incredible, thank you
Nice Post ! www
We saw you in Independence tonight, and you sounded fantastic as always. I just love your version of "Killing Me Softly." We can't wait until you release your next album! We also enjoyed chatting with your mom - it's obvious that she's really proud of you!
Caught the band in Whitefish, MT last night. Phenom sound and very tight band! I just happened to be looking for some live music, heard it from outside, and had to come in! It was destiny to hear your music. Keep it up and come back around soon! Otherwise I'll have to travel to Portland, which wouldn't be a bad thing either.
I just heard "New Favorite Song" for the first song and I love it. I will be pick up Debra's CD today. I'm looking forward to hearing it.
Debra, hey this is David from Juneau.. caught your show at the Rendevous and saw you in the airport the next day.. how goes it? Just wanted to say hello and I really enjoyed your show... You all have a great sound and vibe... keep up the good work.. Best Regards, David
Thanks for coming to Juneau Alaska, you made a big impression on a small town! Hope you come back soon!
Caught your gig at Wild River Grill in Reno last night - great singer, great band! Everyone will have a blast at Moody's this weekend. We'll spread the word. Please come back to Reno & Tahoe.
Thank you so much for coming to UNR this evening. You were amazing, and in that short time, you made me become a big fan. Sorry that the crowd was a bit on the shy and quiet side, but everyone around me was commenting that they were very impressed.
Happy Birthday!!!! We're so blessed to have such a wonderful talent here in PDX!!! You have an amazing voice. You're band is great to. Tell Dave his cd is great!
just few days ago i found out about this singer and i was amazed by her beautiful voice. it is just a pity that i can't find the lyrics to her songs...
Hey just want to say i love your CD's they are adictive lol and i already know most of the songs on both so whenever you come out with a new one let us know cuz they are amazing!!!! LOVING YOUR MUSIC AND ALL THE FEELINGS THAT COME WITH IT..STAR ** SMILE**
Hola. I was recently on and found out about you. I think that you are an amazing artist! I LOVE all your music and wish you luck. Keep up the great work that you do! :)
Hey Debra- I live in Malaysia in SEA, and came across your music in Wow. Fell in love with it almost 2 years ago, and can't stop listening. To me, your lyrics and voice could be compared to the likes of Alicia Keyes- except I prefer you because of your accesibility. Keep up the great work- love it when it's jsut you and a piano!
Hey i heard you for the first time on kduck the morning before your preformance at cosmic pizza, i loved the way you sang and sad to say i was unable to stay for your preformance that night but i stoped in and bought your cd's. I've been listening to them non stop since!
I heard your music on a Newport special. You sound awesome, what a beautiful voice. I hope to see you when you do your shows in Pendleton. Well keep up the great music and I wish you much sucess, Danny B
good guest page. thank you.
Hey, I LOVE your voice! :) It is Beautiful. God has truly blessed you! :)
Debra Arlyn is hands down my all time favorite artist!!! One of the most amazing pure raw talents out there! Keep it up girl!
Annie's Mom excited for you to play for the International Justice Mission Benefit Concert on October 28 at LaSells Stewart Auditorium on the OSU Campus! You've got a beautiful voice and a great talent and an even bigger heart. All the proceeds from this concert will go to help IJM stop modern day slavery, human trafficking and other forms of violent oppression in the world. Thanks for your help. God bless you!
BLOWN AWAY, heard you at Widmer's Oktoberfest August 6 Can't believe your not signed with a major label and on top. Don't give up, you are way above alot of other artists, will be praying for you, God Bless.
I enjoyed your performance in Albany opening for Tower of Power. Its nice to have such fine local talent come to Albany. You are also a very beautiful lady. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Debra, Thanks for a great opening to Chris Isaak yesterday. You sound amazing and were truly moving. Thanks for signing both CD's, I love them!!
I was walking with my girlfriend in Oldtown Las Vegas in early May, and came across a young woman rehearsing on stage. She blew me away! Had no idea I would find out who she was at the Bite in Salem. I was very happy to discover who she was, and happier still to find that she is a local talent. My best wishes to you and your band, Debra. You really do "shine like a star".
I saw you perform at the Spirit Mountain and was blown away, I bought both your CD's and love them. Your songs are so fun to sing along to, I listen to them while I'm driving and cleaning the house! My boyfriend even has some favorites. Looking forward to seeing you at the bite in Salem!
i caught your show in monmouth music in the park. i enjoyed your tunes so much i bought a coupla cds. i would like to mention that adding the brass winds to your band was a great move. i hope you cut another cd with the horns...all in all. classy music! great sound!!!
Hi, Deb--nice to meet you in person finally. I want to get to a show ASAP. Looking forward to next weekend. It is wonderful to have some young new blood in the music biz, and it is about time. CU soon--Vicki
We saw you last night in Monmouth and thought you were fantastic - you are suprememly talented! Not only do you have the voice of an angel, but the original songs you performed were as good as any I have ever heard! We are planning to see you again at the Bite of Salem!
You're voice is so new and fresh. My favorite song is "Fine"! I wish you had a page for your lyrics!
We recently saw you perform at the Edgewater Inn in Seattle and we were blown away by your amazing voice. We purchased your "Tomorrow Another Day" CD and listened to it in our rental car for the next few days. When we returned home to San Jose, CA we realized we left it in the rental car CD player. My husband (who is not moved by many musicians) immediately purchased a replacement CD, and we are anxiously waiting for it to be delivered so we can continue to enjoy your music. Come to San Jose and play for us!
Enjoyed your show at the casino on Thurs night-first time there-what a place for music-thanks
Exquisita voz, me encantas Debra, te encontre en ilike en hi5 y desde que te escuché me enamoré de tu voz.
I visited your website, and I hope to buy your first CD since you sang well at Clark College.
The spiritual force transcends all. -- I feel this great creative and spiritual force within me that is greater than faith, greater than ambition, greater than confidence, greater than determination, greater than vision. It is all these combined. My brain becomes magnetized with this dominating force which I hold in my hand. Kudos to you Debra for the wonderful talents you have and share with all of us. Such a wondrous vision of beauty and talent. Can't wait to see you in WA.
Great voice! I missed your show at Jimmy Maks but now I'll know to look for you.
I'm so glad that I discovered your music. It is so catchy and soulful. You truly have an amazing voice.
I just saw you yesterday at the Cuthbert, you sounded amazing. I was reminded of Nora Jones and I hastily bought both of your cds that were available. The lady selling them asked if I wanted to wait around because you were going to come sign cds. I told her no thanks because I am incredibly shy, but as I was driving home I thought to myself how that was a huge mistake, not only did I give up a chance to meet a lady with an excellent voice, but I also failed to be courageous once again. Please forgive my apprehension. Anyway thanks for the great show and have a good life.
i work with isaac!!!!!
Message regarding my first comment....... OK- So I am naturally blonde! =) The moment I clicked submit- I saw where I can buy another CD. hehehe
My boyfriend and I saw you at Spirit Mountain last weekend and very quickly fell in love with your music. I think you are adorable and love your style. Your band is a wonderful collection of musicians. I immediately bought one of your CD's so I could listen to it on the way home. Awesome! I now need to get another CD to send to my mom. She is working in Iraq, and I know that she would love to have the company of a beautiflul voice like yours. How can I get another? Keep up the great work. Love it. Sincerely, Amanda
Debra!..I love your music, please come to New York:)
Debra, I just heard "Worth The Wait" on Brimstone Records site, and I thought your voice is just wonderful. I wanted to leave a comment there for you, but could not figure out how, so here I am at your website. You have a truly amazing vocal gift. Being a professional singer myself, I will let you know I am not easily impressed, and girl...I was REALLY impressed. I wish you all the success you dream of, you deserve it. If you ever get the chance, you can visit my site at
Debra~ You sound great!! Very proud of you.. Keep it up
I first saw you when you played at my work @ Heartland Humane Society for a benefit concert! You were just starting out and look how far you have gone. Can't wait till you come to Bend to play July 12th!
I love love love LOVE your music! You rule!
You are so inspiring!!!
nice job debbie keep up the hard work.
Your gig last night for Gonzaga's Coffee House was the best I've seen all year. Thanks for coming to Spodunk town, and good luck with the rest of your tour!
I saw Debra at Spirit Mt Casino last night. What a surprise. I told my friend that she should be on American Idol. Laugh is on me. Anyway with the trumpet and saxophone backing her up it made the music experience really pop. They seemed to be having fun on the stage. Just so you know...I liked the Gimme More too.
Hey Debra, Saw you at the Buffalo Gap about a year ago now. Thought you were absolutely incredible. Amazing voice and talent. I bought your Cd that night. I am originally from Portland but living in Lake Tahoe for now. Do you ever come down this way? Would love to see another show.
I just found your song 'let it go' on iLike and instantly fell in love with it.:-) Your sound is great! Would love to buy your album but couldn't find it in Switzerland:-(
I just LOVE your music and your voice. It really is awe-inspiring. Be sure to tell me when you visit the Midwest so that I can come to one of your concerts!
Listening to Complicated Mess on my ipod right now. I am in a band called Midnight to Twelve and I got your c.d. at Naca. I can't wait to hear the new stuff. Keep working hard and you will receive the attention you deserve. Have a great weekend. Steve Oliver
Hi Debra! My wife Kim and I thoroughly enjoyed your music last night at Jimmy Mak’s. We are in our 40’s and are constantly looking to hear new sounds (tired of the same old same old) and were definitely taken by your beautiful voice and the sound of your talented band. Honestly, we just had plans to go to Jimmy Mak’s to have a nice meal while listening to some good jazz and we had not heard of you before. Boy, were we surprised! You are incredibly talented and we wish you the best of luck going forward! Godspeed Debra! Thank you for the experience, Keith Neison & Kimberley Kelley of Saint Helens Oregon
I LOVE your song "Why can't we start over". it just has so much soul.
love the new page and you of course.. soo cool!
i love debra!!! :)
You are beautiful! I love love love the new pics and site and colors :) cant wait to hear you play again! BIG CD ReLEASE show? we want you to play ours with us k? hoping for Feb. or March. finishing vocals this month. Miss you lady! love~ Jenni
Keep Rockin' baby! Look forward to seeing you again soon. XOXO Robb
Hey you, The new songs sound great honey!!! Can't wait to hear the rest. When do you get to release it. I want it and we need to come see you play again soon.
Congrats on the new site Debra and Tony.. and Happy New Year! I wish you both the best of success for 2008. Lior
I miss you.. Hope your doing well. The new site looks great.. You look incredible...
Hey Deb...I love your new website. It looks soooo great and so do you. Your a gorgeous and talented woman. Let me know when you need me. Talk to you soon.

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