Yes. Yes. Yes. Debra Arlyn and her band brought their A-game last night at Jimmy Mak’s. Debra, of course, sang and played keys (more on that in a minute). She was backed by a first-class organist, drummer, electric and acoustic guitarist and bassist. These guys were top-notch, professional musicians. First impression: “Damn. This girl can sing!” A strong, soulful voice and range out the wazoo! Perfectly delicate at times and awesomely powerful at others. She filled every corner of the room and I could have listened to her sing for hours. Debra and her band boasted a poppy, soulful, R&B vibe. Smooth grooves. Catchy, clever arrangements. All of this coupled with a very well-blended and balanced mix, made for a very warm and pleasurable sound. Plenty of organ and guitar solos. The audience (including me) was into everything Debra was serving. When she wasn’t singing, Debra was well-spoken, charming and modest. She thanked about everyone in the room who had anything to do with her career and album. She was also quite funny. All of this did nothing but validate Debra’s professionalism and aptitude for live performances. Highlight: Debra’s absolute vocal acrobats. There isn’t much she can’t do with her voice. I feel privileged to have heard it in its live form. Bonus highlight: Cover songs are ALWAYS a good move and hell…why not poll your fans in the weeks leading up to your show for the song they want to hear! Great move and nice work on the Jason Mraz track. (The fedora was a nice touch). As if there remains any mystery about it, I was thoroughly impressed with Debra Arlyn, her level of talent and professionalism and her entertaining set. I would definitely go see Debra and her band play again and I’d recommend her to my friends. I hope she continues to play around Portland. I bet you it won’t be long before she graces our radio waves. In the meantime, go buy her album here.”


Debra Arlyn has created softly acoustic yet equally powerful songs that strike the hearts of many who listen. With soaring vocals, gorgeous piano melodies and honest and vulnerable lyrics, each song on has something to ponder...full of moments of surrender and worship; hope and wonder, realizations and truth."   ”

— Indie Vision EZine

Can you say "Blue-eyed soul"? Here's a young lady who's already been favorably compared with Alicia Keys, so let this serve as a confirmation of that complimentary connection. Her voice is clear and powerful. She's really still just a youngster, and what a talented one.”

— ALL-ACCESS Magazine

You know you're going places when the likes of Curtis Salgado, Tower of Power and Chris Isaak ask you to open for them on tour. Vocally she's a real stunner, and her songwriting prowess has increased with each subsequent release.”


I was surprised that it was an indie release because it seemed very polished, very produced. This would be a fun record to learn and sing along with in the car with the windows rolled down this summer.”

— COLLECTED SOUL "Guide to Women in music"

Debra Arlyn has an amazing voice and ability to share herself through her music. She’s won multiple singer/songwriter awards including being the winner or finalist in Unisong International Songwrtiting Contest, Billboard World Songwriting Contest, The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and 10th Annual Great American Songwriting Contest. She also was selected by Singer Universe Magazine as ‘Best Vocalist of the Month’ and won Editors Pick for Best Piano/Pop album from CD Baby. Debra and I actually both played basketball together at Linn-Benton Community College. We’ve crossed paths occasionally since, she made a guest appearance on my album Here and Happy and we actually performed on stage together at The Bite in Salem. Its been awhile since she’s put out new music and I was happy to hear that her new album will be coming out later this year. Thanks Debra for taking the time to answer our 7 Questions! My Name is… Debra Arlyn. I am… A singer/songwriter from Oregon. I’m also a new Mom! I like it when… I make my friends and family laugh. One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is…I prefer to keep the amazingness of the NW a secret so I don’t have to share it ;) I love it here. One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is…A few more sunny days?? Something I have coming up is…A new album & album release show in Portland this October. This is exciting because…It’s been 3 years since I’ve released a new full length album, and I’ve had lots going on in my life that has inspired my new songs.  ”


It's her musicality and talent that will propel her to stardom in the not-so-distant future. Arlyn is diverse in her vocal range, as well as the styles of music she floats seemlessly between. While her pure pop tunes are what will make her famous, it's her jazzy and R&B tunes that will make her stand out from the crowd.”


Debra Arlyn is one of Portland's finest young pop singers.”


Her songs are well-crafted, the production of each impeccable, and she's good enough that either she will find a mass audience in the modern R&B realm, or her songs will get covered by major stars. Or, likely, both.” - Don Campbell


Debra Arlyn is already a star to those who know who she is. And we're not talking about the supportive but misguided relatives who are devastated when their starry-eyed youngsters don't make the cut on "American Idol", we're talking about the people Arlyn has won over in small batches when she took to the road in earnest as a full-time independent artist.” - Serena Markstrom


Arlyn's message is consistent, a relentless proclamation of God's love in the midst of loneliness, doubt, and spiritual recklessness. The albums strength lies in Arlyn's voice, which features not only range and power, but impressive control."   ”

— Christianity Today